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Week 3: December "Goal Digger" Challenge

Hello "Goal Diggers"!

Checking in for week 3.

How are things going for you thus far?
Did you meet your objective for Week 3?
How many days did you spend at least 15 minutes working on your project this week?

As always my goal is to work on my project for all 7 days of each week of this challenge. However, life was life'ing, but I'm still happy to report that for week 3, I was able to work on my project for 5 of the planned days.

Although not planned, through a "discovery call" meeting, I moved forward on completing a task that was on my business to-do-list: update my mentorship package program flier.

As we have now entered our fourth and final week of the challenge, keep in mind that if did not meet week's 3 objective, that's okay. This planner is meant to serve as guide to keep you moving forward toward your goal, and not to be an absolute that must be met or else the entire process is a fail.

Before ending this email, it is my hope that you had a Merry Christmas and that your day was filled with good food, fun, family, friends...but most importantly love!

Keep up the great work and until next time...

Be well, and don't forget to use the hashtag #GoalDiggerFinal40DayPush when sharing your progress or experience on social media.

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