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Week 2: December "Goal Digger" Challenge

Hello "Goal Diggers"!

Checking in for week 2.
Can you believe that we are almost at the half way point!

How are things going for you thus far?
Did you meet your obejective for Week 2?
How many days did you spend at least 15 minutes working on your project this week?

Of the past 7 days, I've been able to spend 6 of those days working on my project, including revising my referral form and marketing flier, to make them more concise and no more than one page each.

Although, I managed to check off 6 of 7 days of work, I must confess that I did not meet week's 2 objective of "Locate, draft, and add in supporting documents and resource links by 12/16/23".

However, I was still able to make significant progress in completing the working draft for 5 sections of the ebook, to inlcude a section on "How To Set Your Hourly Fee and Tax Deductions for Therapists". The latter of which I had not included in the draft of my notes used to guide this project, but one that had came I as prepare to send my reports to my tax professional for filining my 2023 taxes.

Don't worry, there is a section in the e-book where I discuss the app/service that I currently use to track my expenses, and prepare my quartly and end of year reports.

So as we prepare to kick off week 3 on tomorrow, keep in mind that if didn't meet week's 2 objective, that's okay. This planner is meant to serve as guide to keep you moving forward toward your goal, and not an an absolute that must be met or else the entire process is a fail.

Keep up the great work, and until time...
Be well, and don't forget to use the hashtag #GoalDiggerFinal40DayPush when sharing your progress or experience on social media.

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