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The December "Goal Digger" Project Planner Is Here!

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Hey "Goal Diggers"!

Today, November 27th, is the official launch day for "THE GOAL DIGGER PROJECT PLANNER"!
As a self proclaimed, old school, pen and paper planner girl, this was such a fun project to create.

I love that the pages in this planner can be kept together and bound as a 20-page booklet OR each page can be pulled out and posted around your workspace to create a "story or vision board" to keep you focused and on track toward your end goal.

It is my hope that you enjoy using the planner and that you find the pages inspiring and engaging.

I look forward to seeing your pictures and reading about your updates. Please use the hashtag #GoalDiggerFinal40DayPush when sharing your images and progress on social media.

Be sure to share this challenge with your friends and family as there is still time for them to join in and complete the pre-challenge checklist. However, they too must subscribe to the newsletter in order to receive their copy of the GOAL DIGGER PROJECT PLANNER.

In the meantime, click HERE to receive your FREE copy of the GOAL DIGGER PROJECT PLANNER today.

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