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Happy New Year!

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Are you as excited as I am about all the new beginnings that awaits in 2023?

While the turn of a new year always fills me with excitement, there is something different about 2023.

Perhaps it's because 2020-2022, as I now reflect, were my prep years. Years where I felt that I was operating in my gift, education and training to support birth bodies, women, infants, children, and families...only to learn that there was more work and training that I needed to do.

Perhaps it's because I have partnered with 5 fabulous women of color who are committed to changing the narrative and birthing outcomes for women of color through patient centered, evidence-based, trauma informed, and culturally based care..

Perhaps its because I have decided to let go of the need to have all the answers and control of the outcomes before fully and confidently moving forward.

Whatever it is, I am excited to be in the space. Excited to share, grow, and connect with this wonderful community. As well as excited to fully serve my local and surrounding community, both in person and virtually as a Women and Infants Health Occupational Therapist.

So while the goal of this blog is to provide educational information and updates on women and infants health, I'll also be sharing posts on some of my favorite reads, leisure and restorative occupations, travel adventures, and more. After all, as an Occupational Therapist who's profession has roots in supporting clients find "occupational balance", I have to be sure that I too am subscribing to the same plan of care that I provide to the client's.

So stay tuned and be on the lookout for the next blog post. There I will share more about my role as an Women and Infants Health Occupational Therapist.

Be Well,


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