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Low Cost Yoga and Meditation Space

As an Occupational Therapist, assessing, setting up, and/or adapting the environment is an intervention that is commonly used to support my clients progress toward their individual goals.

Cultivating the most optimal environment requires intention, including considering the desired purpose and outcome, as well as the associated cost.
Traditionally, my home yoga practice environment was a small space next to my bed. Big enough for my yoga mot and for me to make the biggest movement in order to move through and into the desired yoga pose. However, lately, I noticed that my "yojo" was slipping. What once was an enjoyable activity that I looked forward to doing on Wednesdays and Sundays, was now feeling like a chore.

In assessing the potential underlying reasons for the decline in my "yojo", I kept coming back to "space and environment". So off I went to look for another space in my home where I could do my practice. Separating the space where I sleep from the space where I do my practice. Because lets face it. On those cold, rainy days, it's really easy to rationalize staying in bed.

In exploring and choosing my "new" space, I wanted to do so with intentionality. Creating a space that would feel inviting, relaxing, as well as motivating. Once that would energize my senses, while also down regulating my nervous system. So off I went to search for, purchase, up cycle, and repurpose items that would engage my sense of touch, taste, sound, vision, and smell.

Headed off to my two favorite stores to get this project done: Home Goods and The Goodwill!

Did my first yoga flow in my new space on Sunday, 6/25/23, and my "yojo" was back like it never left...and it has been so motivating in helping to return back to my regularly scheduled yoga practice.

I also love that I was able to create a budget friendly space and not break the bank (cost breakdown at end of post).
It may not be space, but it's mine. The "mood" lifter that I needed to get back to feeling like me.

While this post is about creating a Yoga and Meditation space, the above principles about setting up/creating your space can be applied to any environment. Being mindful as well as of the color scheme, environmental sounds, and even scents/smells. You want this space to be uniquely you and one that you desire to spend time in.

While I am still playing around with placement, I thoroughly enjoyed taking this time to pour into me.
It is here where I not only do my yoga, meditation, and journaling...but also where I do my Pelvic Floor Home Exercise Program.

Thanks for taking the time to read this month's post. It is my hope that you feel inspired to create your own space for heath, wellness, and healing.

Until next time.

Best in health,


​Items Previously Owned/Estimated Cost:
Striped Pillows: 2020 DIY project
Paisley Meditation Pillow: Home Goods 2022 purchase: $30.00
Yoga Mat: Gaiam Brand, 2022 TJ Maxx, 2022 purchase: $10.00 Small plant: ikea, 2021 purchase: $5.00
Peace Sign: TJ Maxx, 2022 purchase: $7.00
Yoga Figurine: TJ Maxx, 2022 purchase: $12.00

​Items purchased:
Small wicker basket: $8
Affirmation Plaque: $3.99
Small Crate: $5.00
Plant Pot: $10.00
Candle: $8.00
Faux Plant: $12.00
Mirror Table Stand (Goodwill): $7.57
Wicker Serving Tray (Goodwill): $6.99

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